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Place: France

by Place:

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Place: Nonprofit Series returns with France.

Curated in collaboration with Lia Catreux

All proceeds go to France Nature Environnement.

"Some events were recreated online, some just had to survive without, and some, despite the repression and threat from the French government, organized illegal raves - one remaining music culture moment, a free but illegal one.

A few months ago in a little city called Redon, sound equipment and gear was violently destroyed rather than simply confiscated by the authorities and people were hurt, under the pretext the rave wasn’t allowed.

We weren't too surprised as we had lost faith in our government for a while, but it shocked the electronic scene in a particular way. Upon hearing of many similar incidents around the country, this had a big impact on creativity and political implications, almost an end to innocence and a deep feeling of injustice.

I started curating Place: France earlier, but genres and styles focus took less of a priority, rather we highlighted artists that represent what is most important right now: self expression and guts, and therefore it may seem to be a good reply to these oppressions.

It’s very tempting to say that these artists brought something that you never may have heard before: an infinity of genres and subgenres from all over the world carefully dissected and wed to a new French expression.

Many of these artists are related to different French scenes, and uniting them into a homogeneous entity was something I cared about a lot. After learning more about them, I was pleasantly surprised to see how most of these different scenes and artists were already supporting each other, and that shows again how the French electronic scene can be significant.

If I had to choose a handle of french magic from Air Texture’s perspective, it would be that. This release is certainly hybrid and rich, tracks are designed from experimental to breaks, ambient, dnb & jungle to even fast club music, where abstraction, haze and light are crossing with roughness, dust and organics, as air with texture.

Collectively, with the Iris color of the album cover, the project’s environmental cause, or even the track titles - these specimens drive us to a modern poetry and reminds me of a hanging garden, like a tale where anything could happen.” Lia Catreux, Paris 2021.

Place: France was curated in collaboration with Lia Catreux

Lia Catreux is a Paris-based DJ who loves playing with a myriad of influences and intensities: her DJ sets take us from weighty blends of Breaks, Drum & Bass, Experimental, Hard Dance & Bass music to deeper and darker, ambient and minimalistic vibes. After a few shows on Rinse France & Lyl Radio or DJ Sets like Villette Sonique Festival, Lia has made an impression internationally through clubs like the Cakeshop in Seoul & shows like Red Bull Studio Tokyo. Lia is also part of the [re]sources crew

Place: France Cause

France Nature Environnement

Faced with threats to the environment, their union defends the general interest, intervenes with decision-makers through regular contacts, offers solutions to reconcile human activities and natural balances, ensures the representation of associations for the protection of nature and the environment in many consultation and consultative bodies, and acts in court.

The fundamental object of the Association, is to ensure the safeguard and enhancement of the environment and the quality of life in all its aspects, in particular the development of the territory, town planning, protection of heritage, natural and built sites, fauna and flora as well as improvement of the living environment and the fight against pollution and nuisances in order to allow sustainable development.

All proceeds from the sale of Place: France will go to the France Nature Environnement. The artists have donated their tracks to this cause.


“Having a place means that you know what a place means...what it means in a storied sense of myth, character and presence but also in an ecological sense... Integrating native consciousness with mythic consciousness” - Gary Synder

A non-profit project from New York based label Air Texture, Place: is a location specific electronic music compilation series where all proceeds are donated to a local environmental cause in that place. The goal is to build a global network of music producers bringing important issues to the electronic music community and world at large.

Electronic music is a truly egalitarian, classless, and empowering art form. Producers have emerged from every corner of the globe in recent years, infusing their own ideas, culture and influences into the endless mix.

Let’s highlight more producers than the few who show up on the same lists and parties. Let's promote electronic music as an activist artform by and for the people. An artform that activates, like the great traditions in Detroit, Berlin, Queer Movements, Squat Cultures, and Progressive Politics.

Let’s work to make Electronic Music Green.


released November 19, 2021


all rights reserved



Place: New York, New York

Environment Causes Music Nonprofit from Air Texture

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